Zephyr One Sdn. Bhd. is a professional Graphic and Multimedia design firm along with multiple printing services. We found Zephyr One in 2007 and the company has been established in year 2008. We aims to provide our client with one stop advertising solution as client will always the first at Zephyr One.

At Zephyr One, we develop advertising solutions activated by ideas - driven by insight.

Every design job undertaken by Zephyr One is dealt passionately; we strive to deliver remarkable solutions with every project, on time and within budget. From words to images, we make sure all of them speak for your business.


Zephyr One Sdn. Bhd. 除了提供专业的平面及多媒体设计,亦附带多种类的印刷服务。Zephyr One Sdn. Bhd. 于 2008 年正式成立。我们以客户至上为宗旨,为您提供最完善的一站式广告服务。

Zephyr One 运用创新的概念及深层的洞察力,为您提供一切广告策略。



Z ealous 热诚积极
E fficiency 高度效率
P unctuality 严守时间
H assle Free 零度烦忧
Y our Trustee 值得信托
R ationality 物有所值